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This site is constructed to warn against wreckdiving in the Haugesund area It is common knowledge that wreckdiving ivolves exreme health risks. In Haugesund we have a lot of shipwrecs in a confined area, all extremely dangerous of various reasons: They are in areas exposed to shipping traffic, some are too deep, others are too easy to find, that makes them very accident prone. It is really a miracle that only 2 people have died wreckdiving in the 25 years I have been around, (and a couple of bad cases of bends) Staying home, reading about shipwrecks on the internet is the safest option, I think but beware of netaddiction, backtrouble, mouseillness, vision disturbances etc.
Quilting is reported to be a safe and interresting hobby


This button call up the map with the position of the wreck. You gotta know exactly which areas to avoid, don't you. If you contact the local diving club you can get further instructions!


Here you will find pictures of the wrecks when they were ships. Originals were provided by newspaperfiles, books, museums etc. Will try to give the source as accurately as possible, but some of the pictures have gone a long way before ending up here. Not very many UW shots yet, most of my own are in 35mm slide, and I don't have that kind of scanner. I have used a rather high resolution making it possible to make reasonable prints, but making it difficult to view all at once on a 640x480 monitor. too bad! Click on the edges to see if there are more pictures!


This is the place for the ship's history, even though I try to make all the material in this site as original as possible, I am only 40 years old, so I have had to steal some stories, as most of the shipwrecks I find interresting, happened for more than 50 years ago. The only ship I have witnessed going down my self, "Rig Chief" (well, "witnessed", it was pitch black, the boat struck ground late in the evening, and it was totally gone by 2 o'clock. Neither we nor any diving company with sophisticated equipment have been able to locate the wreck! Here you will also find scanned newspaper articles, in norwegian only,


Tecnical data are mostly collected from the registers published by Lloyds or Veritas.
Most of this site are made in the oldfashioned way, using Notepad or Cute html. Some of it are also made using Dreamweaver 2,


I have dived all the wrecks described here with one exception. There is a scary amount of wreckdiving going on here, sometimes, and I try to find out all the things one is not supposed to do.